Career Assessment

People are multidimensional. Your assessment should be too.

wowiDirect incorporates 3 dimensions to uncover your optimal career matches!


Join the millions of others who have benefited from the wowiDirect difference.

“Work can give your life meaning, it often defines who you are, determines who you spend time with, and how you live. Because the right job can enrich your life, whereas the wrong job can drain you mentally, physically and spiritually; it is critical to avoid mistaken career paths and to find your own unique, satisfying place in the world of work.”

— Dr. Gregory Neidert

44,000 jobs

Which one is right for you?

The Department of Labor registers over 44,000 jobs. So, how would you learn about these jobs, and how would you know which ones are right for you? How would you narrow it down to avoid the jobs that aren't a match for you to find the ones that are?

We check all the right boxes

  • Comprehensive career report
  • Instant results
  • Measures career interests
  • Measures work styles
  • Measures skills
  • Combines career interests, work styles and skills in one assessment
  • Career recommendations specifically matched to you

Let’s address the obvious difference between our assessment and some of the others. We are not free, but the breadth and depth of the information the wowiDirect provides so exceeds anything you will find in other tests, especially the free tests.

Our scientifically developed assessment costs $49.95 (about what you’d spend on a week-end night out with your friends) and helps you identify, plan for and pursue a satisfying career.