It's about what makes you happy.



How many projects do you want to have going on at any point in time?

Repetitive Work Cycles


What is your preferred task cycling rate?

Specific Instructions


How much direct supervision do you prefer?



To what extent do you like to control‚ direct‚ organize and be responsible for your own work and the work of others?



Do you find that working with people facilitates a positive work environment?



Do you need to regulate your privacy?



Do you like to discuss‚ persuade‚ convince‚ and even argue with others?

Working under Pressure


Do you like to procrastinate? Prefer to work under pressure? Need deadlines in order to be motivated to work?



Do you like making gut level, intuitive decisions based on your impressions and feelings?



Do you like making decisions based on externally verifiable facts and data?

Self Expression


Do you like to express yourself as unique in the way your work is done.



Do you like to pay attention to detail or the bottom line and the big picture?